Zakirova Tatiana Valerievna,

I began to work in the International Baccalaureate programme in primary school since August 2014. From the first days of work I highlighted the strong team spirit of the teachers involved in PYP. All teachers understand the importance of the International Baccalaureate programme and strive together to achieve its main goal – to develop the child comprehensively.
The PYP program helps a child to reveal all the important qualities of his personality, his academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs. The student is in constant search of answers to questions of his interest; he explores the world and discovers new secrets, new ideas, new thoughts. This approach is called an inquiry-based learning and it is the central aspect of the PYP programme. Students are responsible for their education, and the development of personal qualities and skills helps them prepare for life after the school.
I believe that the International Baccalaureate programme is appropriate for everyone, since it takes into account the individual characteristics of each student; it helps them to be successful in life!

Bolotova Tatiana Aleksandrovna,

This year I got acquainted with the IB programme. In the process of education, in communication with colleagues, there was an understanding that my pedagogical objective fully coincides with the goal of the IB programme – the development of critically thinking, caring young people who are able and willing, to change the world for the better through understanding and respect to each other.

Gladkova Olga Vladimirovna,

ЗFor five years of my life in the IB programme, I came to the following conclusions: I understand that I can help children to prepare for the PYP exhibition; I am interested in communicating with them and discovering children from another side, which can sometimes be unexpected. I am pleased with successful presentations and original approaches to them as well as the ability of children to defend their point of view. I like that children themselves offer such ideas that would not have come to an adult person. I like that parents also take an active part in this programme. Teamwork unites children and their parents and you see how family supports their child. I am pleased to have the support of colleagues and a positive response to my proposals. I hope that I will have many more reasons to be happy for myself, my colleagues and children.

Glushchenko Larisa Vyacheslavovna,

Working in PYP allowed me, the teacher of arts, who has been working in the school for more than 30 years, to look at the process of education in a new way. There is a unique opportunity in the development of subject integration (transdisciplinary teaching). Studying at the courses, participating in PYP workshops and theater festivals of IB schools, supervising activities in preparing students for the PYP exhibition give me the opportunity to improve my professional level.
I would like to mention one more important thing. My involvement in PYP is of great interest to the members of the City Methodical Association of Art Teachers, and I share my experience in creative work with colleagues with pleasure.

Ershova Svetlana Yurievna,

I am now in the tenth year of working in the IB programme at school number 7. In the modern world, education can and should competently combine universal and ethno-cultural values, promote the development of a planetary solution and tolerance, respect for cultural diversity. All these principles are in the IB programme. In the educational process, we can use advanced modern world technologies. It is very important that a special attention is paid to the development of reflexive skills, since nearly in any life situation the success of our actions largely depends on our ability to understand the situation and analyze our role in it. The IB PYP program is focused on the development of a child and the formation of inquiry skills. We teach children to ask questions and search for the answers to them that will be useful in their future life.

Ivanova Marina Mikhailovna,

Being an IB PYP teacher helps to analyze your work from different perspectives. The main plus of the PYP programme is a wide variety of activities, the opportunity of choice. Teaching in the PYP allows you to make interesting and exciting not only the work of students at the creative-search level, but also everyday steps to master the school program.

Kipriyanova Lidiya Aleksandrovna,

As a teacher, I try to educate my students as citizens of the world who understand that other people may also be wrong. The interests of a child are the basis of the Technology subject in IB program. One of the most important things is a holistic development of a child as a researcher and, of course, the development of his potential. The program of inquiry is the most important element of education, where children independently find answers to questions of the world, both within the framework of transdisciplinary topics, and within the framework of a lesson of Technology. Thanks to the PYP programme, we teach children to be internationally-minded; we help them to understand that together we can make the world better.

Konkova Larisa Ivanovna,

The main goal of education is the development of intellectual and creative abilities of pupils, so that the pupil of the school could be able to self-realize, think independently and make important decisions for himself. Students even take responsibility for the success of their education, so the attitude to the portfolio is changing. This is not just a folder with victories and participation in competitions – these are documents that confirm the development of the student, his victory over his failures and personal growth. As a rule, these are not the best and successfully written tests, but assignments that were given with difficulty, that show the progress. The student must show why he put this picture, test or photo in the portfolio: Why did he choose this work? What difficulties did he encounter and what did he achieve as a result? Answers to these questions help pupils to assess their achievements and to understand what they should pay special attention to.
The role of an adult in this educational process is extremely important: he/she must be nearby, but a few steps ahead; he/she has to learn to recommend and motivate, maintain and teach gently, learn him/herself and explore a lot. The whole school community is united.

Mikhailova Ksenia Raffailevna,

I have been working in the IB PYP programme since 2007. The mission of the IB – the education of caring young people, who respect themselves and others, attracts me. People who ask questions and look for answers. People who are ready to study the world around them all their lives. People who are ready to operate, who are able to make the world better and safer. Education of such people is impossible without self-improvement. I am ready to act, therefore I work in IB.

Myasnikova Yuliya Vladimirovna,

Each person chooses his/her own job and place of work. I am a teacher working in the International Baccalaureate programme. A teacher is a person who teaches, creates, and helps. The International Baccalaureate is a cycle of daily events, the development and implementation of projects, a constant movement forward. IB helps to reveal the identity of each child, to become more self-confident. I strive to develop children, I teach them to make researches themselves. This is my choice.

Nemec Marina Romanovna,

In the 21st century a person with a complex of socially and personally significant qualities is needed. It is necessary to be organized, thinking, creative, caring, socially active, communicative in the world space, to build a productive interaction. The purpose of the IB programme is bringing up an internationally-minded person; this education contributes to improving the quality of life and creating more peaceful atmosphere on the whole planet, which is very important today. I’m sure school №7 will be proud of its graduates.

Pryadilnikova Nina Nikolaevna,

I have been working in school №7 since 1991.
I have a higher pedagogical education, the highest qualification category.
In IB PYP programme, I have been working since 2008.
Together with colleagues, I was trained in the “IB System in Primary School” program at the Perm State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University, and was trained at international PYP workshops in Zurich and Almaty.
I participated in the organization and implementation of international children’s projects “We are so different, but together we are interested” in Yerevan and Astana. We – children, teachers and parents – are a single team. Together we are looking for non-standard approaches to the solution of educational and life tasks, the intellectual development of children, the development of their independence, the ability to take responsibility for their education and for the things which happen around them, their ability to understand themselves and respect others.
IB is difficult, but interesting!

Ragel Elena Rudolfovna,

The PYP Primary School program has many positive aspects. Firstly, it includes creative work in the team. Secondly, it always introduces innovations. Thirdly, there is a development of students. Fourthly, IB is an interesting work with parents. Fifthly, conducting lessons of inquiry. And, of course, the holding of psychological trainings for team building.

Soloveva Alevtina Romanovna,

I like working in the IB program. At first there was much that was not understandable, but a trip to Moscow to Zaitsev’s school helped. I like working in groups, as, in my opinion, it develops not only the communicative skills of children, but also creative thinking. And the familiarity with national roots brings up pride in the souls of children for their people, the acceptance of national characteristics, interest and respect not only for the culture of their people, but for other peoples through learning about their history and culture.

Sorokina Inna Nikolaevna,

This is the my third year in the PYP programme.
I’m happy with the results that children of my class reach.
Analyzing the results of the work, I believe that this program helps children to understand the problems independently, to think creatively. The topics studied are significant and interesting for students. And carrying out inquiries in groups stimulates children to cooperate actively with their fellows, fosters the formation of children’s team, building the common touch.

Udalieva Galina Arkadievna,

The center of education in the PYP programme is the library. Right here students find answers to their questions, as they are helped by a variety of sources: encyclopedias, reference books, fiction and interesting library lessons on the topics of inquiry.

Uzun Irina Viktorovna,

Working in IB PYP allows teachers to fully actualize their creative potential. This program is fascinating for all who are involved in it: teachers, students, parents and administration. In the process of work, you often have to rethink your whole practice, and sometimes turn everything upside down! And still it turns out great! The PYP Exhibition is the most vivid proof of this every year: invariably successful, interesting, inspiring new “feats”. Working in PYP is an exciting way of realizing state standards, as they are very much similar to international ones.

Khanyarova Victoria Vyacheslavovna,

The PYP programme helps each child to realize him/herself through inquiry, to reveal his/her abilities, to show his/her strength.
This program teaches children to work as a team, to collaborate with other students, teachers and adults.
Children and teachers get a rich experience in inquiry activities, which make them comprehensively developed personalities.
It is important to mention that there is a dialogue between all school members: teachers, students, parents, school administration. Everyone is more or less involved in inquiry.
Inquiry topics cover different spheres; this allows you to explore the world around from different perspectives.

Shimanskaya Natalya Kazimirovna,

The most important thing in the International Baccalaureate programme in primary school is that it is built on a child’s question and the pupil tries to find an answer to it based on his little experience. The PYP programmes like a litmus paper, reveals the «why» of a child, awakens it, and in search of an answer the child revives. This program is impossible without the exchange of experience, which means that it teaches communication and interaction.

Shuster Irina Igorevna,

I first learned about the PYP programme 10 years ago, when my daughter went to the first grade. In 2008 it was something new, unexplored, but very interesting and absorbing. As a teacher, I began to work in this program in 2014. This program gives the opportunity to reveal the child from different sides. This program is aimed at educating a child as an inquirer – both in the classroom and out of school. Much attention is paid to inquiry activities. This program allows you to make the learning process more fun and creative.