CAS Project 2

Activity: Activity, Creativity.

Duration: 9 Months

When I was thinking about making a CAS project, it immediately came to my mind that I should connect it with my sport and I will explain why. First of all, I have a lot of aspirations in equestrian sport that is why I always challenge myself on achieving new heights. Secondly, the summer competition season made me realise that I must put a stress on dressage in my training process. So, in order to improve our results, I need to seriously work on controllability and obedience of my horse.

This project includes not only activity but also creativity. Training a horse is somewhat like teaching a child: if you only do absolutely identical exercises not trying to diversify the training process, the progress might not be huge because it will be simply boring and reluctant for a horse. So, in order to achieve progress, I must be creative while teaching a horse new elements and movements.

  • Let August 2017 be our starting point:
                                        As it is possible to see, the neck of a horse is high and he resists my actions( ideally, his neck must be lower and form a circumference, this means that he is relaxed and ready to listen to me)
  • October 2017                                                             Now the position of the neck became way better. The horse is relaxed, he listens to the rider’s signals. However, if we talk about doing dressage, the horse is not balanced enough and has not enough muscles to perform difficult elements such as side movements or pirouettes.
  • First dressage competitions in November 2017                                                                       Our first competitions turned out to be successful for us because we had won them. As it is noticeable, the horse performs side movement. Although at the moment he does not resist doing it, it is far away from perfect yet.
  • April 2018 competitions-time to look at the results.                                                                   Our latest competitions showed us that we are on the right track. It is even possible for a person who is not connected to equestrian sport to notice that the horse began to look more balanced, his neck forms a right circumference, he is relaxed but at the same time collected and ready for harder elements. This time we also used a professional dressage bit. Only a well trained horse accepts this kind of bit because it influences the mouth in a different way from in which a usual bit does.

To conclude, I believe that we have made a great progress with my horse. If we look at the first picture and compare it with the last one, it can be seen especially clearly. This CAS project showed me that no matter how long it takes, you can achieve success if you put great effort in it. This project also made me believe in myself and in my horse. To be honest, it is very rare that a show jumping horse can learn dressage but I am sure that we are on the right way and everything is possible.

This project helped me to achieve LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4.

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